Learn about payment processing services for antiques and collectibles businesses

Payment Processing Solutions for Antiques & Collectables

Payment Processing Solutions for Antiques & Collectables

Secure Payment Processing for Antiques & Collectibles Businesses

We can assist your company with increasing profits and enhancing customer care through a complete payment solution tailored for the antiques and collectibles industry.

Our high-risk merchant account is perfect for businesses that offer collectibles such as guides, coins, memorabilia, artwork, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and other antique merchandise. The Antiques & Collectibles market is considered high-risk for several reasons:

  • Prevalence of deceptive sales tactics and counterfeit merchandise
  • Products appearing different in person than presented online
  • Ebb and flow of market demand as consumer preferences change
  • Buyer's remorse and lack of return policies
  • High average ticket sales

Antiques and collectibles sellers tend to experience higher-than-average chargeback ratios. PayPal, Square, and other payment vendors may not associate with these types of businesses. We conduct case-by-case risk assessments and regularly underwrite sellers that other banks have rejected.

Our payment processing for antiques dealers solutions include features to ensure your success and future growth:

  • Ability to accept all forms of payment, including credit, debit, electronic checks, mobile payments, and gift cards
  • Payment gateways with built-in chargeback reduction and management tools
  • Mobile apps and smartphone card readers to accept payments on the go
  • Feature-rich countertop POS systems and wireless terminals
  • Online terminals for MOTO payments
  • Integration support to connect your payment system with third-party applications, including shopping carts, accounting software, and loyalty programs
  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer support
  • Insightful online reporting to analyze sales trends
  • Next-day funding
  • Ability to accept one-time payments and set up recurring billing to enhance customer financing options

PCI Compliance Assistance

The Antiques & Collectibles industry's profit margins are directly proportional to consumers' disposable income and buying habits. Each generation has its own valuations, trends, and preferences. The younger generation is also significantly more socially conscious.

Obtaining an existing furniture piece, for instance, is more appealing to some than purchasing questionably-produced new emissions. As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, ecommerce also cultivates more curious customers.

Whether you operate from a thrift store, ecommerce auction site, or high-end antique shop, we can cater to your business with a specialized high-risk merchant account designed to boost your revenue. In fact, our low rate guarantee means that we will beat the rate of any verified provider.

Explore our online antiques payment processing solutions and credit card processing for collectables today. Contact us here or call 1-800-304-0555 to learn more about our tailored services for the antiques and collectibles industry.

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