CBD Processing
MMJ & Marijuana Credit Card Payment Processing For Dispensary

MMJ & Marijuana Credit Card Payment Processing For Dispensary

credit card processing for marijuana dispensaries

New/Existing Dispensaries Merchant Accounts

Accept Credit/Debit Cards for MMJ Businesses with Zero Fees

  • Customer pays a small service fee of only $2.50 at checkout (can be absorbed by merchant if elected to do so)
  • Service fee mark pp allowed for merchants
  • New day deposits
  • Real time reporting (transactions post to ledger within 1 minute of transaction).
  • Takes only a fraction of the time it takes to utilize, versus a conventional ATM.
  • Desktop terminal rounds up any figure entered to the next $5.00 increment.
  • No "ETF" or penalty for terminating service/No early cancellation fees

Our Traditional Credit Card Processing

Standard ATM

Instant Exchange No Cash InvolvedCash Must Be Withdrawn Then Giving to You
Customer Will Spend More $ Due to Not Having to Check Account Balance or Navigate ATM PromptsCustomers Usually Pull Out Very Little Cash if Forced to Use an ATM vs. Real Credit Card Processing
Will Increase Your Ability to Sell to Many More Customers Who Have Different Card TypesWill Discourage People from Visiting Your Location Due to Non-Acceptance of Credit Cards
This Solution is a Direct Exchange into Your Bank Account, There is No Limit on How Much Can be ProcessedATMs Run Out of Money and Need to be Serviced, Which Can be Costly to Maintain as Well as Costly to Your Customers
This Solution Only Costs $2.50 and That Cost Can Be Charged to the Consumer or the Merchant - it is Your Choice!ATMs Charge Between $3 - $6 to Withdrawn, Which Many Consumers Do Not Want to Pay
This Solution Makes You ProfitATMs Make the Company Who Owns Them Profit
Zero Risk, You Can Cancel this Solution at Any Time With No PenaltyATMs Need to be Installed, They Cost Money to Maintain, They Can be Stolen, They Have Extensive Contracts That Don't Allow You to Cancel