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Coin Dealer Payment Processing Services

Coin Dealer Payment Processing Services

With constant changes to the price of gold, silver, and valuable coins, being able to capitalize quickly on the profit margin for precious metals can be huge for your business. Whether you accept payments over the phone, online, or in person, your payment process should be efficient, dependable, and user-friendly.

Accepting credit cards gives credibility to your enterprise and instills a sense of consumer confidence in your merchandise. It also provides buyers with more options, expanding your customer base, speeding up your cash flow, and contributing to higher client satisfaction (which can result in repeat business). Because fraud is always a threat, once a customer experiences a satisfactory credit card transaction without encountering fraud, you have built trust with them, and they will most likely use your products and services again.

Finding the Right Coin Dealer Merchant Account

Website Payment Pro has partnered with numismatic enterprises since our establishment in 1993. Since then, our payment processing solutions for coin dealers have remained consistent with cutting-edge technologies to adapt to ever-changing business goals and visions.

With a high-risk merchant account from Website Payment Pro, you can enjoy our low rate guarantee and a range of features:

  • Accept credit, debit, gift cards, and ACH transfers
  • Accept payments over the phone, online, or in-store
  • Mobile apps and credit card terminals for on-the-go transactions
  • Integration assistance - seamlessly integrate with your accounting software, shopping cart, CRM solution, and a wide range of other compatible programs
  • Level II and III processing with specialized low rates if you sell products or services, including grading, to other businesses
  • Recurring billing for memberships
  • PCI compliance assistance
  • Chargeback prevention and management tools, and in-house support from our dedicated chargeback department
  • Next-day funding
  • Monthly online reports that provide actionable insights

If you're paying too much, we can help. Contact us today at 1-800-304-0555 for a free evaluation and to get started with our credit card processing for coin sales and online coin payment processing solutions tailored for your coin dealer business.

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