With constant changes to the price of gold, silver and valuable coins, being able to capitalize quickly on the profit margin for precious metals can be huge for your business. Whether you accept payments over the phone, on-line or in person, your settlement process should be efficient, dependable and user friendly.

Why Accept Credit Cards? Customers want to purchase authentic goods from trustworthy organizations. Only agreeing to inspections or funds on shipping can convert to slow funding, delayed obligations and bounced inspections that can lead to nonpayment, or added solutions dedicated to equilibrium selection at very best. Taking charge cards gives believability to the enterprise and a sense of consumer confidence in your merchandise, and in addition it gives buyers more options. 

Giving buyers more options enlarges your customer base, speeds up your cash flow, and contributes to higher client satisfaction (which can result in repeat business).  Because scams are always a threat, once a customer experiences a satisfactory credit card transaction without experiencing fraud, you have built trust with them and they will most likely user your products and services again.

Finding the Right Credit Card Merchant Account Service provider

If you’ve just started looking for a merchant card account, you are already aware of the challenges of choosing a company. Some companies only work with reduced risk cases. Others will work with high risk endeavors, but at a higher cost and service fees.

Asking the right questions and negotiation is vital in order to get a merchant account at the lowest level feasible. But first it’s important to know the level of flexibility as it relates to creditors. The majority of financial transaction charges are defined by creditors such as Mastercard an Visa, and the rates are  non-negotiable. They use terms such as interchange and examination fees, and are passed on to you through your merchant account company. Nevertheless, the transfer fees, chargeback fees and fraudulent transaction fees are all adjustable and negotiable.

The same applies to monthly fees. You may be paying too much. An example is NABU, the MasterCard Community Access Brand name Usage cost. Here again, these costs are non-negotiable. But there are other processors out there that will negotiate with you. It’s essential to ask your merchant service provider to explain their costs, including monthly and one-time (e.g. are they using a young termination charge? A month to month service fee?) so you aren’t being overcharged. If you feel you are paying too much, it might be time to find a new provider! Other resources to investigate are the Visa Registry of World-wide Providers and the Organization Bureau.

Why Is This Business Type High Risk? While it might be difficult to lose the "High Risk" label, it is possible to lessen your costs. Reasons for this business classification include:

  • Scam by suppliers and buyers - this industry has its fair share of thieves offering fake goods on-line, and consumers carrying out “friendly fraud” (when they challenge transactions for a product that was actually good). 

Altering laws and market restrictions

Chargebacks are unhealthy for your business and abnormal amounts can be alarming. We assist our vendors to work with their clients in working through complaints before they become chargebacks.

Online Auction Dealers

Website Payment Pro USA has partnered with numismatic enterprises since our establishment in 1993. Since then, our settlement alternatives have remained consistent with cutting-edge, modern technologies to adapt to ever changing company goals and visions. 

How You May Help

By using a silver and gold coin dealer merchant account from Website Payment Pro United states, a great deal comes with your very low amount guarantee:

  • Acknowledge credit, debit, gift certificates and ACH transfers
  • Accept payments over the telephone, on-line or in store
  • Mobile app and credit card systems provide the mobility you need
  • Incorporation assistance - seamlessly integrate with your bookkeeping software program, shopping cart application, CRM answer and a huge selection of other appropriate programs
  • B2B ranges II and III digesting with specialized rates that are low if you promote items or solutions, including grading, for some other businesses
  • Recurring charging for memberships
  • PCI concurrence assistance
  • Chargeback elimination and control instruments and also in-property support from the chargeback-dedicated department
  • After that-day time financing
  • Monthly online records that produce workable observations

If you are paying too much, we can help. contact us today for a free evaluation and to get started.