Furniture Store Merchant Accounts | High-Risk Payment Processing
Furniture Store Merchant Accounts | High-Risk Payment Processing

Furniture Store Merchant Accounts | High-Risk Payment Processing

Relax, unwind, and let your payment processing solution do the heavy lifting.

Furniture retailers form a unique retail merchant category. They typically handle large ticket orders, high order volumes, and presale orders that are delivered at a later date. Other characteristics of this industry can contribute to a high-risk label:

  • Buyer's remorse
  • Possibility of damaging products during delivery
  • A rise in online sales in recent years (and with that, customers' inability to test products before purchasing)
  • "Friendly fraud," also known as chargeback fraud, when customers dispute purchases that were actually legitimate, are common pitfalls for high-ticket transactions
  • Online shopping is double-edged because it drives sales up but simultaneously increases vulnerability to chargebacks. As more customers turn to online platforms, furniture stores and their payment processors have to compensate for the imminent exposure to fraud and customer dissatisfaction. MOTO payments add a similar layer of risk.

The Solution

We take all of this into account when designing a payment processing system that meets your needs and fosters growth. To prevent and navigate any potential stumbling blocks of your industry, we can help you implement a fully-integrated, flexible payment processing solution with a range of capabilities:

  • Accept all methods of payment, in single transactions or on recurring billing plans
  • Sync with third-party accounting platforms (QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and more) and other software
  • Benefit from insightful online reports
  • Wireless terminals connected to a central POS system so that employees can accept payments on the sales floor in any store
  • Virtual terminals for MOTO payments
  • User-friendly online payment gateways that seamlessly integrate with your website
  • Mobile processing apps for traveling salespeople
  • Implement gift cards and loyalty programs
  • Chargeback prevention tools, such as automatic responses to retrieval requests, billing-shipping address mismatch filters to flag risky transactions, and pre-delivery order confirmations before high-ticket items ship
  • Signature capture devices and integrated printers to document product delivery
  • Next-day funding
  • PCI compliance assistance

To learn more about how the list goes on, contact us today. Our team at Website Payment Pro can equip your business with industry-leading equipment, software, support, and genuine advice to fulfill your payment processing needs.

We also provide specialized features for extended warranty business models.

Contact Website Payment Pro today at 1-800-304-0555 to learn more about our secure payment processing solutions for your furniture business.

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