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Dispensary Owners

Published May 6th, 2021 by Website Payment Pro

Cashless ATM, Point of Banking Fees.



  1. $3.50 Convenience fee charged to the customer or Dispensary.  


  1. $99.00 one-time account activation fee.


  1. $10.00 support fee.


  1. Non-Wireless (V200c) $210.00 *can't be used for delivery but can hook up to WIFI*


  1. Pin Pad optional with V200c) $155.00


  1. Wireless (V400m) $384.00 *Doesn't use Sim card if on WIFI*


  1. Wireless $15.00 (per terminal per month) *delivery*


  1. Activation fee per terminal is $10.00 (for sim card) if being used as a Mobil, delivery terminal for G3 / G4 Cell Service.